Portable Analog & Digital Trainer

Brand: SB-TEK

Model: SB-700A

Made in: China



The SB-700A Analog/ Digital trainer is an ideal
teaching aid for all types of electronic circuits.
Located all around the 2230 tie points removable
breadboard is a variety of functional input and
output circuits, which can be used to stimulate or
measure electrical signals from the circuit under
test or development. The removable breadboard
area is not connected to these peripheral circuits
and is meant to be connected by the user using
standard solid AWG#22-30 wire. These circuit
functions allow for the bread boarding and
testing of circuits without the need for many
expensive individual pieces of equipment.
Technical Specifications:
• Completely Self-Contained Unit
• Built in regulated D.C Supplies:+5V,1.0A, –
5V,100mA, Full Short circuit protection and
• Adjust Power: ±0V to ±18V
• Function generator: 1KHz to 100KHz
continuously variable over 5 decade range.
Sine Wave: variable 0 to ±4Vp-p, Triangle
wave: 4Vp-p, Square wave: ±5Vp-p
• 3 State logic probe
• Two single shot pulse generator , 80µs
• 8 bit LED display with buffers
• Digital voltmeter: 4 ranges-199.9mV,1.999V,
19.99V and 199.9V fsd. LCD display input
• Analog current Meter: 0 to 100µA
• 2.5 inch 8Ω,1 W loud speaker
• Two flip-flop gates-with mimic diagram
• Input /Output connectors BNC and Banana
• Two logic switches =5V/0V/-5V with Current
• 8 Data switches +5V/0V
• Two 25 pin D type connectors for computer
• Removable breadboard with 2230 inter
connected tie points, accepts 0-08mm solid
Experiment of Analog Circuits:
• The Superposition Theorem
• Capacitors in Voltage-Divider Networks
• Operational Amplifier- The Inverting Amplifier
• Operational Amplifier- The Non Inverting
• Operational Amplifier- The Comparator
• Operational Amplifier- The Summing Amplifier
• The Common- Base Amplifier Structure
• The Common- Emitter Amplifier Structure
• The Common- Collector Amplifier Structure
• The Op amp Differentiator
• The Op amp Integrator
• The RC Phase Shift Oscillator
• The Astable Multi vibrator-555 Timer
• The Schmitt Trigger
• The Astable Multi vibrator
• The D/A Converter
• The A/D Converter
Experiment of Digital Circuits:
• Fundamental Logic Gate- AND, OR, NOT
• Fundamental Logic Gate- NAND, NOR, XOR
• Applications of Boolean Algebra
• De Morgan’s Law -1
• De Morgan’s Law-2
• Diode Resistor Logic-AND
• Exclusive OR Using Basic Logic Gate
• Exclusive NOR Using Basic Logic Gate
• De-Multiplexer –Using the 74138 IC
• Synchronous Up- Counter
• Synchronous Down – Counter
• The Schmitt Trigger
• Oscillator – Using CMOS

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